About Us

This small website has a big vision and was created by Dave Mackey and Sheila Mulhern. Dave has spent 13 out of the last 17 years employed by non-profit organizations (NPOs), and has seen first-hand the significant budgetary constraints NPOs face. He has also had the opportunity to interact with a number of amazing organizations that have provided their products and services at significant discounts (sometimes even free) to these same non-profits. Unfortunately, many NPOs are unaware of the myriad opportunities available from these various organizations that could assist NPOs in growing their much-needed services. So, Sheila and Dave decided they wanted to do something about it, and PhilCata was born.

We have big aspirations to act as a catalyst for relationships between NPOs and Donating Organizations. We are starting off with a modest, but carefully curated, directory of Donating Organizations and the different products and services these companies offer…but there are much bigger plans down the road!

Sheila Mulhern – Sheila is a registered nurse and has worked extensively in intensive care units at hospitals. She enjoys perusing the New Yorker, knitting, watching the Olympics (and most other sports), reading, and dragging Dave on fun adventures.

Dave Mackey – Dave is currently the IT Director for Liquid Church in Northern New Jersey. He enjoys the hopeless pursuit of becoming a polymath, software development, technology, reading, and watching a variety of different genres of both movies and TV.