Roadmap – Where PhilCata is Heading

PhilCata is in its early stages and we have many plans to improve upon PhilCata in future iterations – and not just by building the most comprehensive directory of quality products and services available for non-profits. We’d like to share with you just a few of the plans we have coming down the pike:

  1. The Add page will have its own form for submitting new entries rather than the simple email address link it has now.
  2. The Logo will materialize and be awesome.
  3. There will be advanced search and filtering capabilities.
  4. The entire site design will be redone to be much more aesthetically pleasing.
  5. We’ll be adding high quality articles to our blog that will be useful to both non-profits and to the organizations that serve them.
  6. We’ll add a rating system to organizations/products/services to help you make wise choices when selecting whom/what to utilize.
  7. And just about a billion other things…but that gives you an idea of where we are heading.

What features do you think we should add? What doesn’t work or look the best it possibly could? Shoot us an email at! We’d love to hear from you!